Software Support

Our high competence, recognition and trust by already many companies it is not only due to the powerful, user friendly, practice oriented and reliable programs but also because of our professional support.

Our director Prof. Dr. Nicolaou is your direct contact person and helps you at any time via visiting you at your place or via video conference, Email or phone call.


We offer at your place a short course in Solid-Liquid Separation (for one, two or three days).
The contents of the course can be adjusted to your needs.
Our slogan is: "Understand Solid-Liquid Separation and learn how to effectively face Solid-Liquid Separation problems".
The long teaching experience, the practice oriented approach with examples and the vivid presentations of Prof. Nicolaou is a guarantee for a highly effective course.


We offer you our Support for any Solid-Liquid Separation project.
Prof. Dr. Nicolaou, with his more than 30-years focused research and practice experience on this field, is a guarantee for an effective, reliable and quick solution of your Solid-Liquid Separation problem.
We can visit you at your place or we can discuss the problem via video conference or phone and exchange data via Email. We do our Best so that you have maximal benefit at low costs.

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