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  • Solid – Liquid Separation SoftwarePowerful, practice oriented, user friendly and reliable based on the up to date filtration and Separation theory and on minimal experimental effort for analyzing and judging the quality of your experiments, characterizing the filtration and separation behavior of your suspension, scale-up, design, performance optimization of diverse filter apparatuses (Belt Filters, Drum Filters, Pan Filters and Disc Filters, Nutsche, Candle and Pressure Leaf Filters, Filter Presses and Filter Press Automats etc) Filtering Centrifuges (Horizontal and Vertical Peeler Centrifuges, Vertical Basket Centrifuges, Inverting Filter Centrifuges etc) Hydrocyclones
  • Solid-Liquid Separation Courses at your place: Vivid presentations, short and effective
  • Professional Consultancy in any Filtration & Separation problem

FILOS Software

  • Calculation of the filter performance (scale-up, filter design, optimization) for Continuous Filters (Belt, Drum, Disc, Pan Filters), Batch Filters with and without cake squeezing (Nutsche, Candle, Pressure Leaf Filters and Filter Presses).
  • Theory based analysis of Filtration test data from laboratory, pilot or industrial scale with consideration of the optional steps: washing, deliquoring and squeezing of the filter cake.
  • Characterization of the filtration behavior of the suspension
  • Database for all filter simulations and all analysis results of the filtration test data.


  • Calculation of the performance (Scale-up, Design, Optimization) of Batch Filtering Centrifuges (Horizontal and Vertical Peeler Centrifuges, Vertical Basket Centrifuges, Inverting Filter Centrifuges etc)
  • Analysis of experimental data from Industrial or Pilot Centrifuges, from laboratory Bucket Centrifuges or from Nutsche Filters with consideration of the optional steps: Washing and Deliquoring of the filter cake.
  • Database for all Suspensions, Centrifuges, Tests and Centrifuge Simulations


  • A novel filtration software for the simulation of 14 types of Filter Apparatuses (Rotary Drum and Disc Filters, Pan Filters, Belt Filters, Rotary Pressure Filters, Filter Nutsches, Candle Filters, Pressure Leaf Filters, Filter Presses, Filter Press Automats etc.)
  • Highest Flexibility with direct comparison of the performance of different Filters
  • All in one window (List of Projects, Suspensions, Simulations, Results in form of diagrams and tables)
  • A must for all dealing with the selection, design and optimization of Filter Apparatuses


  • Many user friendly small modules for the calculation of important filtration parameters with highest flexibility regarding the input/output parameters.
  • For the first time determination of the permeability/resistance and porosity of the filter cake from only one laboratory test or from the performance of industrial Batch or Continuous filters.
  • A must for all dealing with the filtration of suspensions.


  • Calculation of the Hydrocyclone Performance for any suspension and any constructive and operational parameters (Scale Up, Design, Optimization)
  • Theory based Analysis of Hydrocyclone Test Data
  • Database for all Hydrocyclone Simulations